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Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Heilbronner Straße 15-17
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Event locations in Stuttgart

In addition to the many museums and musicals, there are other venues where you can visit concerts, plays and much more. Here are the most important...

The NeckarPark

In the popular NeckarPark you will find several event locations, making the park one of the largest event centres in Europe. The park in Bad Cannstatt covers an area of 55 hectares and comprises a total of 21 adventure and event venues, which regularly hosts major events from music, sport, business and politics.

The Mercedes-Benz Arena

The Mercedes-Benz Arena is the stadium of the NeckarPark and was called "Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium" until 2008. This is where our beloved football club, the VfB Stuttgart, has its home. Among other things, games of the World Cup 2006 were also played here. But the arena not only hosts sports events, but also pop concerts and other events.

The special feature of the arena is the membrane roof, which keeps the spectators dry even on rainy days due to its unique steel cable construction. Including standing room for about 60,000 visitors.

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Distance from hotel approx. 16 km

The indoor duo Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle and the Porsche Arena

These actually two different event halls share the entrance and lounge area as well as the event restaurant. Each of the two halls can be used individually or as a combination for particularly large events. For example, a big pop concert can take place in the Schleyer-Halle and, at the same time, ice hockey players can play for the puck in the Porsche Halle.

The Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle has a capacity for 15,500 visitors and the Porsche Arena can accommodate 7,500 guests.

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Distance from hotel approx. 15 km

Cannstatter Wasen

The Cannstatten Wasen is also located in NeckarPark, where the popular Cannstatter Volksfest takes place every year in autumn. But even in the warm season, many guests come here for the spring festival and at the end of the year the Christmas circus is still being set up here.

All year round, the grounds offer a beautiful open-air venue for folk festivals, trade fairs and much more.

Distance from hotel approx. 15 km