A visit to the MHP Arena Stuttgart (Stuttgart Arena) promises an unforgettable experience for real soccer fans. The atmosphere in this stadium is unique and makes the hearts of all sports enthusiasts beat faster. Whether you are a loyal club supporter or just want to enjoy the game, the MHP Arena (Stuttgart Arena) offers a backdrop that inspires enthusiasm. The experience of being there live and feeling the excitement on the pitch is something very special. Immerse yourself in the world of soccer and experience thrilling moments that you will remember for a long time to come. The MHP Arena Stuttgart (Stuttgart Arena) is the perfect place to experience the fascination of sport up close and collect unforgettable moments.

Look forward to thrilling matches and an atmosphere that will inspire you.

The Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport

After a thrilling soccer match in the MHP Arena Stuttgart, pure relaxation and enjoyment await you at the Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport. Review the exciting moves while you relax in the hotel's comfortable rooms. Enjoy a cool after-game beer in the Cargo Bar and round off the evening in comfort. Take advantage of the hotel's amenities to feel completely at ease and recharge your batteries. Whether you want to replay the match-winning goal in your head or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel - at the Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport you will find the perfect balance between relaxation and enjoyment after an exciting soccer experience.

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Travel from the hotel to the Stuttgart Arena (MHP Arena Stuttgart)

Arrival by public transport:

From the Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport you can reach the Stuttgart Arena from the S-Bahn stop "Echterdingen" about 650 meters from the hotel. Then take the S-Bahn S3 to the "Bad Cannstatt" stop and change at the "Bad Cannstatt Wilhelmsplatz" bus stop to the "Fritz-Walter-Weg" stop and you are then directly at the MHP Arena Stuttgart. The total journey time is between 50 and 60 minutes, depending on the connection.

Arrival by car:

The Stuttgart Arena can be reached by car from our hotel in around 16 km (approx. 25-30 minutes, depending on traffic).

Tips for a successful EM visit to Stuttgart

Plan your European Championship visit to Stuttgart carefully to get the most out of your experience. Make sure to secure tickets for the soccer match at the Stuttgart Arena early to avoid disappointment. Use public transport to ensure a stress-free arrival and departure. Explore the area around the arena and discover local restaurants and bars for an authentic culinary experience. Remember to dress appropriately for the current weather conditions as the weather in Stuttgart can be unpredictable. Make the most of your stay at Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport by taking full advantage of the amenities and relaxation options. With these tips, your EM visit to Stuttgart will be unforgettable.

Helpful links:

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